4 Most Popular Virtual Data Room Providers

- Mei 01, 2020
Virtual data room
Virtual Data Room

Virtual data room or VDR is the hottest investment for many businesses all over the room. VDR provides many businesses a cheaper form of data room that can be accessed at all time and from anywhere. The upkeep is amazingly much lower compared to a physical data room. 

VDR can also minimized risks when arranging a business meeting. VDR is a secure online meeting place for all parties involved. The owner has full control during online meeting regarding everything in the meeting. Now business meetings are so simple and easy thanks to VDR. As a result, the demand for VDR has risen through the roof and there are tons of options available.

With how fast technology is improving, you need to keep up with which options are the best. So here are some of the most popular VDR in the world. 


Merrill promises the best security for important meetings such as mergers and acquisition, IPO and many others. Merrill makes sure that customer can complete their transactions much faster, smarter, and better with the features that they have.
Merrill offers 14 days of free trial for everyone who wants to try it. If you like it, Merrill can be easily integrated with many other pieces of software and it supports MS Office, PDF and many other graphic formats. Price range is somewhere in the middle. 


CapLinked boasts about their 4-step of operation. Customer first uploads confidential company documents to the platform. Then, potential partners can be invited and segregated based on specific level of data disclosure. The room administrator is able to control any information disclosure on top of a regular control of the access to the data.

CapLinked offers 14 days of free trial, easy UI to navigate, high speed data transfer, and real-time tracker. The price range is somewhere in the middle.


Brainloop Brainloop is one of many great data room providers alternative for small businesses. Brainloop offers an advanced data virtual room with a great security technology and is available world wide via a web browser and apps for tablets. 

Brainloop promises transparency in their security protocol while delivering end-to-end protection and encryption for every confidential document. There is a free trial for you to try and free personalized watermarks that are generated automatically. Price range is really low. 


iDeals is probably one of the most successful virtual data room providers in the world. reportedly there are more than 4000 companies all over the world that used iDeals, including more than 1000 companies since 2008. iDeals has been innovating VDR with constant R&D, great cloud infrastructure and customer services.

iDeals promises advanced document sharing technology and zero-breach of any document uploaded in the server. This has been proven by many dealmakers all over the world. The trial the provided is surprisingly long, 30 day of free trial. iDeals supports multi-platform, multilingual, file uploads of any format, easy user management, high transfer speed and customizable interface. The price range is somewhere in the middle.



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